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Fan Mail

  1. Solomon family says:

    Hi Kenny,

    Have a great tournament….Remember u are not far from your goal !

  2. Jenna says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful performance in Pretoria. Good Luck in Budapest! And have a safe trip there.

  3. Henry Steel says:

    Adventure seeker on an empty street;
    Just an alley creeper light on his feet;
    Young fighter screaming with no time for doubt;
    With the pain and anger cant see a way out;
    It aint much Im asking I heard him say;
    Gotta find me a future move out of my way;

    I want it all…

  4. Jenna says:

    Hi Kenny.

    I wish you all the best for the African Individual Chess Championship and may you be successful.

  5. nikita says:

    Mooi, Mooi! Great site! Keep the pieces moving! We want a GM!

  6. Solomon Family says:

    Hi Kenny,

    Have a great tournament. Remember you are one of a kind - a titan !

  7. Gabriella Murphy says:

    Dear Kenny
    I’m 10 years old. I am the sister of Timothy Murphy. I know that you are almost a grand master. As I say ‘To accomplish
    great things, we must not only act, but dream, not just plan, but believe. “To be blessed with a vivid imagination can be
    a curse or a gift-how you use it is up to YOU!
    I thought chess was just for nerds, but when I started to play, I thought to myself, chess can be for anyone. If your
    smart, silly or good, it doesn’t matter I know some day I’ll be a great chess player.
    Thanks for your inspiration Kenny.
    Gabriella Murphy

  8. Warrior of the Grey Zone is Kenny Solomon!

  9. Lyndon Bouah says:

    Dear Kenny

    It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on your wonderful website.The photos are great and the stories inspirational. Kenny you have been a role model to all the chessplayers in the Western Cape and indeed South Africa over the last decade. On behalf of the chess community of the Western Cape I wish you well and may your site go from strength to stregnth.

    Advocate and Candidtae Master Lyndon Bouah
    President of Chess Western Province

  10. aphiwe says:

    goodluck for your tournament in june!!!!! good looking out for the country!!!!

  11. Andre Baard says:

    Kenny you are maybe 50 checkmates away from the elusive GM level.No South African has ever done it, and it is within your grasp. We are your number 1 fan here at South African Bunkering. We join all the others on the fan mail in encouraging you to dig deep into your God-given talent.

    Be diligent in your homework and preparation for all of us. Games are not really won in the tournament, they are won in your diligent preparation routines. King Solomon of the Bible says “the hand of the diligent shall rule”!

    Talent+diligence+destiny=success.So we look forward to seeing you demonstrate your serious talent on the chessboards of the best in the world since you haved a good dose of all three ingredients.

    Make Mitchells Plain proud, South Africa celebrate and your Maker smile!

  12. Ingrid says:

    Hey Kenny

    Jou site is beter as Tom s’n :)


  13. Bridgette says:

    Hey Kenny
    A very impressive website, which I’m sure will inspire a lot of the kids that come into contact with you to go that extra mile to achieve the very best that they can.
    S.A. needs more positive people like you involved in chess and far less politics and bickering within the ranks of the powers that be, which ultimately bring the game down and because of them the players suffer big time. I’m so very proud of what you have achieved especially seeing that a lot of your achievements, if not most, were generated by you without any assistance.
    I’m holding thumbs for you in your quest to become a GM, which I know you will achieve.

  14. aphiwe says:

    hey playing that defence you taught us the other day i must say it’s quite intense-siscilian.

  15. Leatin Booys says:

    Yo Kenny.

    Big up to the site. Very impressive… I am proud to be a student of you. Keep up the good work and I’m sure your dream of becoming GM will come true. You have all your students behind you supporting you. GO FOR GOLD!

  16. Kwanda says:

    Hi Kenny its Kwanda here from Gugs does it ring a bell, just do your best man and your dream wil come true.

  17. Jenna says:

    Your website’s really inspiring! We know you can do it, so go for it Kenny!

  18. Rucien says:

    Hi Terminator!! I love this site. Remember we are all behind you.

  19. Jacques says:

    Hi Kenny,

    Great site! Good luck on your quest…

  20. Andre says:

    Go for it Kenny and do not forget to enjoy the journey!

    • Reg Sinden, Mitchells Plain Chess Club says:

      Hi Kenny
      What a fantastic website, Congratulations!! I wish you All the success on your future Chess moves.

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